Wednesday, October 12, 2016


I have been updating my zazzle store. If you are interested in buying posters, post card, mugs ect. of my work please go visit. Thank you.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Past Sun Flower 2

9" x 14" Charcoal and pastel on paper. I couldn't get a very good picture of this. The pastels are much more vibrant live.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Past Sun Flower

Pastel and charcoal on paper.  10" x 14"

Sunday, August 28, 2016


14" x 18" Charcoal on paper

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Charcoal Figure

A quick charcoal and conti crayon piece

Friday, August 26, 2016

Gayer Feather

Ink, watercolor and acrylics on paper 8" x 10"

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Gay Feather

I wanted to make a pen & ink piece with just a splash of color. However I ended up with this piece.

Ink, watercolor and acrylics on paper. 8" x 10"