Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Men at Work

It was a long haul, but it is finally done. 22" x 30" on cold pressed watercolor paper.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Plein Air

I have always wanted to go out and try plein air painting. Well today weir farm was having a plein air outing, so I went. First, what to pack. I know you are suppose to scale down for plein air painting, but I had a hard time leaving any of my supplies behind. So I packed just about everything.

The outing was to be from 9am to 5pm with shuttle service from the local elementary school. Weir farm doesn't have a lot of parking. I got here around 1 o'clock figuring four hours was enough time to paint. Then at the end the artist were to get together and show their works.

I got there at one and did some walking around. I am new at this and it took me a while to find something I wanted to paint. I settled on this because I like the angles of the building and the wall. Plus I liked the swoop of the ivy growing on the side.

So I set up my easel and made a pencil drawing. Next I took out my jar of ink which had a loose cap and  spilled ink all over my hand. I cleaned up and then did the inking.

The I broke out the watercolors and started working. I love working outside. The watercolors dry fast and I can plow through the painting. All of a sudden they are calling the artists to bring their work up. What time was it? A little after two. I asked why so early, I thought this was until five. They said the shuttle stops at five. The get together is now. So I didn't get to finish my piece, but I got a good chunk done.

I'll have to work from the first photo to finish the piece. But I learned one thing, I loved painting plein air.

When I first arrived they handed out some information. When we gathered to show our art they asked if I filled the form for the raffle. I didn't. On the front, name and phone number. On the back were some questions. So and so is a pastel artist, what would you like to ask her. So and so is a print maker what would you like to ask him. I didn't have any questions so I left it blank. They put all the forms in a basket and picked one. Yup, me. then they turned it over and said Hey you didn't fill out the back. You're void. So they picked another. Hmmm, just my luck, first time I ever win something like that and I get disqualified. The prize was a basket filled with art books and chocolates.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Inch by inch

row by row I am getting there.