Sunday, May 03, 2009

From the begining

Here is the start of another city Folks piece. I started by glueing down a few chunks of news paper. Since my pieces were starting to get too tight I had to mix it up someway. I didn't plan ahead, just glued them down. I move I would regret later. (maybe)

I used a matte medium gel. I also splashed some around on the paper. I thought it might give a cool look to the watercolors. I also addeda little gesso for the same reason, and to tone down the newspaper chunks a little. I then sketched to ladies with a 2B pencil. I normally use a 4H but I wanted the pencil work to show though on this one. 

My next step was to add ink drawing with the eyedropper. I couldn't see my pencil line on the newspaper and gave the lady on the left a rather large nose.

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