Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grudge Match

My friend Chris Smith has challenged me to a grudge match. Everyday we send each other a sketch. Somehow we got on a pirate theme. I guess the first image looked like a pirate to me, so I did a pirate back and so on. Anyway I will be posting our sketches here every day. Enjoy.

Chris Smith



seykora said...

looks like Captain Jack Sparrow to me.

Christopher said...

I think Randy's looked like Bono to me. When I mentioned this, he got all upset, defensive & such. Remember pal: this is a Grudge Match. I'll be talkin' trash throughout. Happy holidays Matey! Off with ye' head!


Randy Carboni said...

Hi seykora, I tried to steer away from Jack Sparrow.

And as for you Mr. Smith, I still don't think it looks like Sonny Bono.

Christopher said...

Ha! You'll come around. Love the pie. Methinks'of me Granny in the olde Country's Strawberry Rhubarb. Brings a tear to me ayes.