Thursday, January 12, 2006 is a new service where you can download comics to your ipod. My comics have been added to clickwheel, or are in the process of being added. Footprints is up now and I have more to come.

There are plenty of other comics on the site. I don't have an ipod so I can't check out what is offered or see how my comics look on the ipod.

Go check out the site, it's really cool, and it's free.


ice fishing shanty said...

Hi Randy Carboni: I came here looking for information on ice fishing equipment and found your post on Although it's not quite the information I was looking for, I appreciate the chance to have a read. I'll definately be checking back in. I'm off to look for more resources for ice fishing equipment. If you have any more great suggestions, please post them here and I'll come back to check. Thanks again!

RT said...

I just happened to be surfing for fishing ice shelter site and and somehow ended here. Don't ask me how but I got major sidetracked. - that's ok! You have a good blog. Well, best of luck and I'm back off looking.

I wish you luck
RT at fishing ice shelter site