Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hank is home

So far so good. Hank and Bailey are getting along well. Hank even gets along with the cats. Well, one cat so far. The other has been up a tree for a day and a night. We have a tree service coming today to get the cat down.

Hank did immediately get into the cabinet under the sink.

But Bailey came over to tell Hank we don't do that here.

The grate on our refrigerator seems to bother Hank. He keeps knocking it off. I put it on, he comes over and knocks it off.

I hope that ends soon. Hank also is constantly on a food patrol. He got to be such a bother during dinner I had to put him outside while we ate. I don't think our food will be safe during the superbowl. We'll have to find a tall table to put the snacks on.

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