Monday, April 24, 2006

Fire Flower

Here is my latest flower. I am not that happy with it, but what can you do? I think it a composition thing. There doesn't seem to be one. Maybe if I play with the cropping a bit.

I started out using tube watercolors, but soon found I am not good at mixing colors and applying them, so I went back to using watercolor pencils. I like the watercolor pencils a lot, I'm glad I bought them.

Now on the some conte crayon drawings. I have never used conte crayons before so this should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

I like this graphically Randy. I think you are right it is a composition issue. If you took the same image and tried placing it on the diagonal, so that the flower doesn't cut the paper in half, I think it might have the grace that your iris' do.

Anonymous said...
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Randy Carboni said...

I cut out some cardboard corners and tried different crops. It made a big difference. A simple crop can make a piece much more dramatic.

Marcs art on wetcanvas thought the background stripes didn't really work. I have to agree. I may go back and give a more even wash.