Friday, December 22, 2006

Pineapple Trio

So here it is, the pineapple trio. I still l wasn't happy with the results as I worked on this piece, but I wanted to finish it. I don't like not finishing a piece so I took it as a learning experience. But it is difficult to work on a piece when you are not into it. However, I like the pastel medium more and more as I work with it.

This is the first pastel piece that I worked on an easel with. I had quite a pile of colorful dust on the bottom of my easel when I was done.


mydogbrandy said...

I think you are getting better. I never really looked at a pineapple in any detail, especially not the outer skin or the leaves. After reading your post and looking at your first drawing, I had a good long look at the pineapple section in the supermarket. Heh heh, people were probably wondering what I was doing staring at the pineapples like that.

Wishing you and family a blessed Christmas


Randy Carboni said...

If anyone says something to you just tell them you are a Mermbut. Not only will they leave you alone, but they will give you some extra space :-)

I'm glad I could bring the beauty of pineapples to your attention.

May you and your family also have a wonderful Christmas.