Thursday, February 01, 2007

xroom #3 - the start

I've taken to calling this project xrooms because I am considering them experiments. Here is the start of xroom #3

In this first picture I show my technique. First was the ink drawing. Next I scrape some pastel with an xacto knife and get the powder on the paper. Then I rub the powder in with a rag.

And that is about it. The difficult part is getting the color right. I don't have much room for error. I'm trying to keep this light and airy so if the color doesn't work It will be difficult to change it. Like now, I am happy with the background color, but I am not sure the terra cotta is working with it. I stopped and want to wait a day to see if it grows on me.

On another front, we finally have some decent ice here in Connecticut. I'm planning on some ice fishing this Sunday. I will post a report and pictures. (depending if I take any)

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