Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lime 63

No holds bar on this one (is that the proper quote?) First the ink with an eye dropper. Then I blotted around with a paper towel. Then I threw sea salt on the wet ink. I would not recommend it. The salt dried into the ink and it was hard to get out. Plus it didn't have the desired affect.

Then I painted and splattered watercolor on it and threw on some more salt. Done....Lime 63


Lisa Purcell said...

How many of your limes (or what percentage if that is easier to guestimate) do you do with ink? Do you ever use a brush or do you use paper towels mainly? Thanks. Love your paintings.

Randy Carboni said...

Many start with ink. When I am doing watercolor I would say 90%. Mostly I use the eye dropper in the ink lid for drawing with ink. I can get good heavy and light lines and work fast and furious.

I do use the brush at times or a rapidograph pen. It depends on what I am trying to achieve. I usually have the finished piece in my head and then achieve it by the best possible means.