Sunday, July 20, 2008

100 Days

My eleven year old daughter read a book where a girl had to do a project of drawing an apple every day for a hundred days. At some point her grandfather took a bite from the apple. The girl liked that and took a bite everyday from the apple.

I thought about it and thought what a great idea to draw/paint the same piece of fruit everyday for a hundred days. I told my daughter I was going to do the hundred day idea and my daughter wanted to do it with me. Then my daughter counted on the calendar and the last painting will be on my wife's birthday.

We chose a lime. My daughter already has ideas of cutting it in half and juicing it at some point. We started last night. We didn't have much time because of a very busy day so I though we could do a quick charcoal for our first one. My daughter quickly got frustrated and took her piece to her room. I finished mine up. I used to love doing charcoals, but I couldn't get into it. I don't think much of this piece, but it is a start.

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Dusik said...

wow! you did it! you made 100 of them!