Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lime 15

I got the idea for this one from someone I know on wetcanvas. She goes by bluegenes. You start off by painting gesso first to give some cool textures. Then you paint as usual over it. However, on my second coat of paint the gesso started to loosen up with all the water and the color washed out. But I kept playing until I got a feel for it. It is hard to see the texture with the scan, but live it is really cool.


Deb Townsend said...

Looks cool, Randy. I saw her gesso suggestions and am going to try it as well. Was it completely dry before you did the next layer?

Randy Carboni said...

Thanks Deb, Yes it was completely dry, but I worked too much water into the next layer and the gesso got loose. Try some test pieces first to get a feel for it. If you go to bluegenes thread on wetcanvas under watermedia

She used a granulation medium. Maybe that helps with the gesso.