Monday, August 11, 2008

Lime 23

For this one I cut a lime in half, then gutted one half. My friend Chris suggested using lime juice to mix with the paint rather than water, so I saved to juice to do so. hen I used the gutted half and the non-gutted half to use as stamps with ink.

For those of you that have used arches paper, you know it has an odor when wet. But when I used the lime juice instead of water....PU! What a stink! then a weird thing happened. The lime juice ate up the blue pigment. It was like painting with invisible ink. But the orange pigment was just fine with the juice. Strange.

When the paint was still wet I rolled around the lime halves to create texture in the paint. The is also some left over pulp dried in the painting.


Deb Townsend said...

How cool!!! Love the textures you got on this one. And so interesting that it sucked up the blue. I've got to try this sometime. Love the last 2 as well. :)

Randy Carboni said...

Tans Deb. This one was fun.