Friday, August 15, 2008

Lime 27

Broke out the pastels and charcoal for this one. The scan didn't come out too well. The shadowed area isn't that dark in the original.

I'm starting to feel old. I have to wear my glasses more and more as I work on the limes.


'Whalehead' King said...

These aren't bad. Your style has matured since the 'Beatnik boiled in Java' days but the same impulses are there, just much more seasoned. I trust all is well with you. Hitchhiking corpses stole my soul. -B.B.

Randy Carboni said...

Well if it isn't B.B. Yes, I have come a long way since Ball - o - Spear. Good to hear from you The CIA Stole my Brain. - B.B.