Friday, June 16, 2006

Getting Old

Not only do I have to wear my glasses when working on the daisy pen & ink, (my first time having to wear them doing art. Normally I only wear them on the computer). But last night while reading Mad Magazine (yes, I'm still a subscriber) I could no longer make out the Sergio Argones margin cartoons. I tell you, it's all down hill after 40 :-)

Busy weekend. My daughter has a softball game Saturday morning then we are taking care of our friends children Saturday afternoon while they are at a wedding. Sunday we are going to the Elephants Trunk flea market. I want to look for some african art. I have a few pieces now and want to do a bunch of still lives of them. Somewhere in there I need to finish putting in our underground hose. It is suppose to be in the 90's this weekend so I'll probably work on that early in the morning before the heat kicks in.

Yesterday after lunch I went out to sketch. There is a sculpture piece in the park dow the block I have been wanting to draw. When I got there it was crowded and I couldn't get a seat. I walked around until one opened up. I was laughing to myself because the guy sitting next to me kept trying to look at what I was drawing without me noticing that he was looking. Part of the joy of outdoor sketching. This wonderful piece was drawn in about two minutes.

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