Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ugly Game

My softball game last night was exciting for a while. 1-1 going into the 5th inning. Then we fell apart. We made more errors in one inning that the rest of the season. It's amazing how we do everything as a team. We hit as a team and slump as a team. One guy makes and error everyone else feels obligated to make an error. Oh well, guess you can't win them all.

I was able to scan in the Daisies last night. It is so big I had to make four scans then piece it together in photoshop. I couldn't get it to quite align properly, but this is not too bad. The final size is 18.5" x 12". I did it on Strathmoore watercolor paper series 500. I was going to color it when done but I think color would ruin it. The watercolor paper is not ideal for pen & ink. Next time I'll use my standard bristol board with a smooth finish. Oh, and I used a rapidograph 2 x00.