Thursday, January 25, 2007

Class number 4

After the ten minute pose our teacher told us we could bring up our pieces. I was the only one to do so. My piece did not go well. My proportions were off and my highlights were all over the place.

The next pose was for 20 minutes. While working I could hear the teacher say a couple of times for people to bring up their work. No one went up. When the 20 minute pose ended I brought up my piece to a yawning teacher. I said something about him falling asleep. He said no one was coming up.

My 20 minute piece was a big improvement. Proportions were good and my highlights were right on. He gave me some fine tuning hints. I'm not sure why people are taking this class and not taking advantage of the teacher. There were 20 of us and I think only 2 other students went up.

The image below is my 20 minute drawing. I used conte crayons.

On a side note...I had to have my car towed today. I guess I'll find out what is wrong tomorrow. Saturday I will be car shopping, time to get a new one.

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mydogbrandy said...

Your mushroom project seems to be going well. And your 'attack art' is good. Your 20 min drawing is way better than anything I could ever come up with in double the time. If I am taking a class on something I am interested in, I would be approaching the teacher and seeking feedback and comments at every opportunity.