Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fooling myself

I guess I have been fooling myself thinking I could easily work in pastel. The more I use them the tougher it gets. Maybe I'll feel different about this piece tomorrow, but I don't see much hope with it.

I'm finding it difficult to get colors I like and tones I'm happy with. I may scrap this and move on to my next project.


Susan Borgas said...

Randy don't give up. If you don't like some parts brush it off with a bristle brush and start again. Some pastel papers are also better to work with than others. I find a gritty type of paper will hold a lot more pastel than a smooth support. Hope this is of some help.

mydogbrandy said...

Oh, your new post was quick. I was going to give you a few days to get into the flow of things and then peep back to see how things went.

Maybe leaving the project alone for a while and working on something new might change your view on things.

Hope art classes and band practice are going well. Look forward to reading your posts whenever you get the chance to update.


Randy Carboni said...

Hi Susan and welcome to my blog. That is a good idea with the bristle brush. I'll give it a try.

Susan/brandy, thanks for the encouragement. I normally don't give up. If I get to a point where I don't like the piece I start treating as a test project and start experimenting.

My biggest problem and what happened to this piece is I get focused on a small part and not work over the entire piece. I finished the pot and tried to finish the trunk but have not put down basic colors and shapes yet.

I'm going to brush out most of it and basically start over.