Saturday, January 06, 2007

Start of a pastel

My blogging will get a little sporadic. I play guitar and I'm in the starts of a band now. So the band will start taking over some of my art time. I did start a new pastel thought.

I have been reading about people starting a pastel with a charcoal drawing. That idea appealed to me so I am trying it. I'm concerned about the charcoal mixing with the pastel and making the colors muddy. I'll have to find out about that.

I did the charcoal drawing. I like to let the initial drawing sit for a day so I can look at it fresh and see if I want to make any changes. Sometimes I get so caught up in the piece that I miss some mistakes out of the gate. It has been my experience to make the changes from the beginning. You'll never be able to work the mistakes out of the piece.

Here is the plant I am drawing and the charcoal sketch.


mydogbrandy said...

When I read that you are in a band, that reminded me of the actor Hugh Laurie (Doctor House in "House M.D."). I am a fan of his as well as of the show. You are both arts inclined, he in acting arts and you in painting/drawing..arts, and he plays keyboard in a band, and you the guitar. Hope that makes sense and didn't come out gibberish. :)

Looking forward to seeing the finished drawing.

Randy Carboni said...

Hi Brandz,

Think it makes sense. I'll have to ponder it. Don't look too forward to the finished plant piece. See above :-)