Thursday, January 04, 2007

Class Begins

I had my first class at the Art Students League last night. It was okay. We did some figure drawing and the teacher gave an anatomy lecture and did a demonstration. The anatomy stuff I pretty much knew already. It was fun to take a class though. We were able to bring the figure piece we were working on to the teacher for a critique. He only had minor adjustments for mine. I worked in charcoal. Next week I'll try conte crayons.

I stayed over night in the city. Attached are two sketches I made. The smoke stack was outside the coffee shop I had breakfast. Then I wondered down to the East River and drew the sunrise.


mydogbrandy said...

I had a look at the Art Students League and it is so interesting. It's great that you are taking classes, sounds like fun. Is it just drawing classes for you or some of the other ones (sculpturing, watercolors..) as well?

Randy Carboni said...

Hi Brandz,

No just drawing. I went to art school after I graduated high school and did sculpture, watercolors and ect. then. I'm always trying to learn and get better so I wanted to take a class.

I often read about artists and they all seemed to have studied at the Art Students League. One day I was getting art supplies for work and I noticed across the street was the Art Students League. So I went in and got a catalogue.