Friday, May 19, 2006

The allergies are coming, the allergies are coming...

I started feeling my allergies kick in yesterday. I'm allergic to tree and grass pollen. My allergies aren't strong enough to react to just one, but when both are out at the same time I get whomped. Last year they got so bad I had to get an inhaler, pills and eye drops. So far so good. But last year my allergies didn't kick in until Memorial Day Weekend.

I made my famous chicken soup last night. Didn't eat it yet, I make it for lunch. I'm the only one in the family who will eat it. I'll reveal for the first time my secret recipe. Take the left over chicken carcass and boil it in six cups of water with 1 chopped onion and a teaspoon of salt. While that is boiling look in the fridge for some vegetables. Chop up what ever vegetables you can find plus two cloves of garlic. If the garlic has turned brown and soft, don't use. But don't throw it out, it just might get better.

Put a pot in the sink then a colander on top. (from experience, if you forget the pot you have wasted an hour and some vegetables) Stain broth into pot and put back on stove. Boil the chopped vegetables for ten minutes. While boiling add what ever spices strike your fancy. Also add chunks of chicken that look good from the colander. At the end I add some organic brown rice that I cooked while the chicken was boiling.

Viola!!! Randy's famous chicken soup.

On to the painting. I tried taking a picture of a large painting, but the flash kept making a mess of the image. I'll have to try this weekend outside and see if I can get better pictures. Meanwhile I took one of my smaller paintings and scanned it. This came out all right. I tried to color correct the image but the room our computer in was too dark to do this with any accuracy.

I painted this in 1997. It is about 11" x 14" I have two others that are the same size and style. We had them hanging together in our kitchen. I'll scan the other two this weekend.

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