Monday, May 22, 2006

Sunday Double Header

Had a softball double header on Sunday. We won both games with big leads. I can't remember the last time we hit so well and consistent as a team. It must be ten years. I broke my no hit slump and went 7 for 8. Normally after our Sunday double headers we have a barbecue after the game. But the wind was so bad we all just went home. The wind made for interesting games. Hats were blowing off of heads. Pop flies were never a sure thing. I would have to pitch at the batter and the wind would blow the ball over the plate for a strike.

When I got home I was very tired. I lied down and started to fall a sleep. The phone rand and it was my dad with a sentence that will wake you right up. "I'm at the emergency room with your mom." My mom fell down the basement stairs and cut her thumb open. They couldn't stop the bleeding so they went to the emergency room. She had two deep gashes. They also x-rayed the thumb and found out it was broken. Other than that she is just bruised a little. Lucky that is all at 67 years of age.
She has to see an orthopedic surgeon this morning to fix up the thumb. They think she will need a pin. Oh, and typical for my dad. He called from the emergency room to ask name to tape desperate housewives. They didn't want to miss the season closer.

On to art. I photographed my painting over the weekend. The sun was much better than the flash. Here are the other two paintings that go with the onions.


Stoy said...

Congrats on your hits and hope your mom is doing better!

I really like the paintings! I want to get that kind of texture in my brushwork. The pears and the details in the pitcher turned out nice!

Randy Carboni said...

Thanks Stoy. My mom is doing better.

I used to do a lot of pen & ink cross hatching. I kind of picked up that style for painting. Globs of paint on the brush and work it like a cross hatching.